Nanjing Institute of Nano Technology, Global Tech Co., Ltd. is a global innovative color service provider, focusing on developing high quality printers and compatible printer consumables. One-stop print service solution can be provided according to clients’ detail demands.

The core team in the GF owns more than 17 years industry experience, cooperating with industry leader to ensure top-quality product and personalized services for the clients.

Client type:government agency, bank, school and company
Client demand:daily office file print, copy ,scan ,fax ,tender and publicity materials such as printing
Products plan :office printer supplies and sales, office managed print service

Client type:hospital
Client demand :recipe, laboratory test report, medical examination report and pathological report printing. Color Doppler ultrasound, B ultrasound and endoscope such as color film printing.
Products plan :One-stop printing service hosting.

Client type : photographic studio, art gallery and art output center
Client demand :Photo printing, traditional Chinese painting and oil painting replication.
Products plan :Provide dedicated consumables , photo and art products

Handan city  government  delegation visit  Nanjing institute of Nano technology, global tech corpora
Handan city government delegat
2015-08-28 23:08:42
The morning of July 15, 2015, Handan city government delegation visit Nanjing institute of... < MORE >
Qixia district party committee secretary ZangZheng gold to Nanjing Greenflag Commerce Co.,Ltd resear
Qixia district party committee s
2015-08-21 21:59:40
On October 27, 2013, a line inspection such as nanjing qixia district party committee secretary Zang... < MORE >
The mayor of nanjing MiaoRuiLin to
The mayor of Nanjing city&mdash;MIAO RUILIN survey and study Nanjing institute of Nano technology... < MORE >
The prospect of renewing prin
The prospect of renewing printing of marketing labels and packaging inkjet is promising
In the... < MORE >
Express industry continues to grow
Online shopping festival has just ended, bags also come to the door by courier. All sorts of ex... < MORE >
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